The weather is nice for the moment, but it’s supposed to get colder and maybe snow in the next few days. So while the temperature was in the 40’s, I took the opportunity to do a few things outside. I pulled out the tiller again, and once I got it started, I ran it over the raised bed garden again. The dirt is looking nice and black!
Then I emptied the paper shredder into the compost bin. Using my digging fork, I turned one of the bins into another bin that had stuff already in it. Now I have one really full bin, and one empty bin, and one bin that has just a little stuff left in it. In a week or two, I will turn the full bin into one of the other bins.
Then I got out the rake. I raked the grass in the area near our wood pile. There was a bunch of small peices of bark, and wood debris all over the grass. Once I raked it into a small pile, I scooped it up, and dumped it down the hill into the woods behind our house (still part of our 1.6 acre property).
I also raked up the leaves that had blown into and got trapped in a corner area next to our garage. I dumped some of these down the hill, and some of them into the compost bin.
I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can plant my garden! I want to plant some tomatoes, lettuce, beans, and maybe peas. Maybe also some cucumbers. And whatever else strikes my fancy. I can really fit a lot into that 4 foot by 12 foot raised bed garden.