I used the jig saw blades I bought as they did fit in my jag saw. Cutting through the three inches thick wood was VERY slow. Then I went to cut my tenons. I set the fence on my table saw to 2 inches, and the blade to 3/4 inch high, and ran the uprights through cutting a single line around. It wasn’t as even as I would have liked. I then used my router which I had never used before. I set the depth to 3/4 inch as per the instructions, and cut the tenon right up to the cut I made with the table saw. I was not happy with the results due the uneven line cut with the table saw. I got my square out, and drew a line around about 1/8 – 1/4″ in from the table saw cut. I clamped a guide 2 1/2″ from that line, and ran the router along that. Now the shoulder of my tenon is nice and straight. When I measured the tenon, I was surprised that it thicker than 1 1/2 inches. Hmm. Three inches minus two 3/4 inch cuts equals 1 1/2 inches. Apparently the router was set to slight les than the 3/4 inches I thought I set it for. I’m learning. I can either re-router the tenons, or cut the mortise wider. I haven’t decided yet. Okay, I decided. I reset the router to 3/4 inch (measured it manually), and re-routered the tenons. They now are 1 1/2 inches thick. Later today, I will lay these on the feet parts, and draw an outline of the tenons. I will router them, and then glue the pieces together. I hope to have the stand done sometime this weekend. BTW, I really like my router which is a Porter & Cable 690LR. I did a lot of research on routers before I bought it, and it seemed the Porter & Cable routers were the best. Many of the other power tools I own are DeWalt.