We have been burning our wood stove almost continuously since we got it. Though our December electric usage is about half of what it was for December last year, our savings was only about $120. But I estimate we burned $200 worth of wood. So I guess switching to burning wood is not going to save us money, at least if we buy it. Our cost for electric was about 4.62 cents per KWH. If our electric costs go up dramatically than the wood may very well be more cost effective. We do have access to free wood on our property, so burning free wood would definately be cheaper than buying electricity. Back to the problem of getting the free wood up the hill. We still have wood, so will continue to burn it. Maybe we will do better this month. I have been busy sealing air leaks which will make our house more energy efficient whether we use electric or wood heat.
The wood stove will still be very nice during a power outage which more often than not happen during the winter.