I had been watch an auction for an old Craftsman 4 1/8 inch jointer (model # 149.21871) on eBay. It is local so I can pick it up and save shipping. The price got close to my bidding limit. It is an older model, but looks pretty solid. It doesn’t come with a stand, so I will have to make one. I haven’t used a jointer since junior high school wood shop. I figure I can use this for playing around laminating some different types of woods. Maybe I will make some laminated martial arts weapons.
I was also watching a 14″ bandsaw, but was not familiar with the brand. I am keeping an eye out on another 14″ bandsaw that is a well known brand. I expect it to go high in price. I am not sure at this point how much I am willing to bid. I got a few more days to decide though.