When we bought our house a half dozen years ago, there was no door bell. I have wanted to install one, but there are always so many other things to do. There was also the thing that rarely does anyone come to our front door. Most people come in through the garage. So when we are expecting someone, I have to keep looking out the window to see if someone is in our driveway. Sometimes I would leave the garage door open so they could come knock on the entry door there.
But I was expecting UPS to deliver a package today, and I was concerned they might need someone to sign for it. I didn’t want them just to leave a note saying they attempted delivery.
When I first started looking at door bells, there were a few wireless ones. I don’t want to have to drill holes, and run wires all over the place. But when I stopped at Lowes last night, they had a whole selection of wireless door bells. I bought a fairly plain looking wireless door bell that came with two buttons. I figured I could put one button by the front door, and another out by the garage. I also bought an add-on chime. So I could install one chime in one part of the house, and the other one downstairs. That way we would be sure to hear the door bell. I also bought some C batteries to power the main chime. The other chime plugs into the wall.
Installing the wireless door bell was extremely easy. I just screwed a couple screws into the wall to hang the chime. The hardest part was locating a stud. My electronic stud finder was acting all flakey. I replaced the battery, and then it worked fine. I wanted to screw right into a stud, instead of putting bigger holes for the plastic anchors. Installing the buttons was also easy. Just two tiny screws each.
Something I don’t really like about the wireless door bell is the chimes. It has 13 different sounds. The first two are Dong and Ding Dong. The single Dong is just too short. The Ding Dong actually sounds like a door bell. But I don’t really get the other sounds. There is the Westminster Chime. Great, it sounds like a frigging clock! Then the rest are songs like Star Spangled Banner, Jingle Bells, Auld Lang Syne, Happy Birthday. Yeah, all of those scream that someone is at the door. Another song is Beethoven’s 5th. That would make me almost afraid to answer the door, worrying that it was death, or a tax collector. And they have Dixie. Maybe they should have a Northern and a Southern version of the door bell. The northern version wouldn’t have Dixie.
I could have each button play a different sound so I could tell which door they were at. But I ended up choosing the simple Ding Dong sound for both doors.