During heavy blowing rain, I have some windows that leak. They have leaked since we bought the house. There is nothing to keep rain from running down the glass into the frame. Last year I got some rope caulk stuff and stuck it around the edges of the glass, but it is already peeling off. I have been planning on caulking it. But I went and did some research on the right way to do it, and found that caulking is not the right way at all. I am supposed to glaze the windows. Well, I started reading about glazing windows, and found there are a couple types of window glaze. There is the traditional putty glaze, and there is glaze that comes in a tube that fits into a caulk gun.
The putty glaze needs to be soften by rolling it in your hands. It takes more time, but applies cleaner. The caulk gun version of glaze would probably be a little easier to apply, but will be not as clean looking. The putty glaze is cheaper relative to the number of windows you can do with a tub of it. But that wasn’t a big consideration for me as the price difference wasn’t that big.
I debated about the two, and decided on the putty. It make take some extra work, but I think it will be better in the long run.