I swapped a bunch of emails with a guy from Red Head, and he suggested the wedge anchors wont work for me. He thought that they were too strongs, and that they might potentially crack the cement blocks. Apparently they are designed for solid concrete. His suggestion was aither the sleeve anchors, or the epoxy anchors. With the sleeve anchors, I would likely need to go to the next diameter up, 5/8’ths inch I think. Or I could go with the 1/2″ adhesive anchors. Red Head apparently doesn’t sell the epoxy anchors, but they do sell the epoxy. There is another company Hilti that makes the epoxy anchors. They also sell the epoxy. So I will have to do more research on where I can get the anchors and the epoxy. Not sure if Home Depot or Lowes sell Red Head epoxy.
Meanwhile, I will need to return the two boxes of wedge anchors that I bought at Home Depot.
I filled out a form on the Hilti website asking for information, but haven’t head back yet.