After talking to Sears customer service, then Sears online customer service, they gave me the number for the manufacturer of the the Craftsman Copy Craft lathe duplicator. I ended up talking to a tech guy there, and explained the issue. First I had to convince him the problem wasn’t with my lathe. I explained that the bars were 42 inches long. The brackets that held the bar at the ends were 1 inch wide, so 42 minus 1 inch at the ends is 40 inches. Then the carriage is 6 inches wide with 3 inches on either side of the cutting tool. So 40 inches minus the 3 inches on either side of the tool is 34 inches. I managed to get 35 inches by putting the brackets halfway onto the end of the bar. The guy said he would have to call me back. He called back a few hours later and appologized that the 38 inch number in the manul and on the Sears website is wrong. So I am going to take the thing apart tonight, and return it to Sears. I need to be able to duplicate 36 inches for what I am doing. The thing also seemed to be a real pain the neck to set up as well. I am going to build my own duplicator. I ordered some HSS cutting tool blanks off of Amazon. I found some instructions on how to grind them. Meanwhile I will start building the duplicator tonight or this weekend. I may find some scrap steel, or an old screw driver or file or something, and grind it into a temporary cutting tool to play with until I get the HSS steel. I bought a low speed grinder last night for sharpening the lathe tools, so I can probably use it to grind these as well.