I have a Rand lathe duplicator that I bought off of ebay for around $60 including shipping. It works, but not great. It tends to catch occasionally and throw the whole thing out of whack. It is a pain to set up. If I put an origianal piece in the holders, it doesn’t reach the ends well. And it kind of chews the wood in instead of cutting the wood.
I am debating about getting a Vega lathe duplicator. They are supposed to be really good. I can get a 36″ Vega lathe duplicator for $599 on Amazon.com. I think it would be way more solid. I can also get a 24″ Vega lathe duplicator at Woodcraft. The 36″ Vega lathe is supposed to be a professional model. So I don’t know if it is more solid. I can also do more stuff with a 36″ model. I want to make tonfas. But a 24″ model would work fine for that. But with a 36″ model I make bigger stuff. I could make headboard/footboard for beds. I don’t know. $599 is a great deal for a Vega lathe duplicator, but it’s still a bunch of money.