I was talking to a buddy of mine, and I mentioned about how I was looking to buy a mini tiller. I told him about looking on ebay, etc. He mentioned that he knows of a couple retired guys who fix and sell used lawn mowers. I said he had seen a larger tiller there for liek $25 or $50, and regretted not having bought it. (He passed on it, because it was front tines). But now he looks back and thinks that for that price, he could lived with from front tines for that price. Anyway, he thinks that there is a possibilty that they might also have mini-tillers. So he is going to check. He warned me that the guys might not me selling yet as there is still snow on ground. But in a couple weeks, the snow will likely (hopefully) be gone. Meanwhile, I will continue to watch eBay, craigs list, and local auctions. Hey, if I don’t buy a mini-tiller this year, I can always turn my garden by hand. I don’t think I would bother renting one.