We have had so many problems trying to get cordless phones that work well. They are trial and error. Some phones are too quiet. Others are too noisy. Others have no range. I have bought a few of ther newer phones, and they don’t work well. We get random noise bursts. The best phone in our house is an older 900mhz Uniden EXL8900. It got some funky long distance service stuff that we never used, but it is digital! The sound is great, and it has worked well for years. We have replaced the battery several times as it’s life has diminished.
But the other day someone offered a Uniden EXL-8945 on Freecycle. I immediately emailed the woman, and I got it! I went and picked up the phone after work. She mentioned that it might need a new battery. That’s okay. Batteries are relatively cheap on ebay for these cordless phones. The EXL8945 is really cool! It’s a speakerphone version of the EXL8900! I hadn’t realized it was a speaker phone until I got a good look at it. I had planned on putting the phone downstairs, but with the speakerphone feature I decided to put it next to my computer. I had an AT&T corded speaker phone there, but it sucked! It needed batteries in the base for the memory, and speakerphone features. And the batteries lasted only a couple months or less even if the speakerphone and other features were not used. So when I would go to use one of the features, they would never work! But the Uniden EXL 8945 seems to be powered from the wall! SO I wont have to worry about the batteries in the base going dead!
I ordered a couple batteries off of ebay. I found some NiMH batteries that claim to be compatible. The regular batteries are NiCad and usually get a shorter and shorter usage time over it’s life. The NiMH batteries are not supposed to have a memory like the NiCads. Also they store more power, so we can have the phone off the base longer, and use it longer between charges!