Last night the toilet got clogged. Not sure how. I got home, and it was clogged. Maybe my wife did it? Maybe I did it? I am pretty sure the dog didn’t do it. Anyway, I used the plunger, and it got it to drain. My said she had tried plunging it, but couldn’t get it to drain. I unclogged it….or so I thought. Tonight, I found it clogged again. Grumble! I used the plunger again, but it wasn’t clearing it. This is the old basic style of plunger (looking up some plungers, I think what we have is a sink plunger). I don’t think it was getting a good seal. I had thought last night about how we should get a newer, better style of plunger. I ran down to Home Depot, and bought one of the plungers that are corrugated. I also bought a auger type snake thing.
I used the new plunger. I don’t think it was getting a great seal, but it seemed to unclog the toilet. But just to be sure, and since I already bought it and wanted to play with it, I ran the auger down the toilet. I got maybe 5 feet of snake down the toilet. I cranked the thing around, then pulled it back up. The toilet seems to be clear now. So hopefully the problem is solved. If not, I will do it again.