I bought two face cords of wood (2/3rds of a cord). They delivered them this last weekend. I stcked them, and covered them with a tarp. I have no clue of how long they will last. I also have some wood stacked there that has been stacked for a couple of years, so it should be seasoned. Though that wood hadn’t been covered, I am hoping it shouldn’t be too wet.
I have a tree that is kind of close to the house. The guy who dropped off the wood also cuts trees. He is going to cut it down for me, and cut it into 18 inch pieces. He told me $90, though when I have told people about htis, they thought it sounded kind of cheap. So I hope I heard him correctly.
I am still researching stoves (wood and pellet). Chimney will be cleaned and inspected next Wednesday. Hopefully no problems there. I still need to buy a few fire extinguishers for safety.
So without any problems, we should be saving some money on our heating using our existing wood stove.