I turned my compost piles today. I built a 3 bay compost bin a few years ago out of mostly scrap lumber. I have been dumping my raked leaves, grass clippings, shredded paper, fireplace ashes, kitchen scraps, etc into the bins. Last fall, I had some really nice compost in the 3rd bay. I shoveled it into my garden. Two other bays are pretty well full. So today I went out and moved stuff from bay 2 to bay 3, and then stuff from bay 1 to bay 2. Maybe in a week, and will move stuff from bay 2 back to bay 1, and the stuff in bay 3 back to bay 2. I am thinking I might have enough room to combine to two bays of compost into a single bay.
I have a couple 55 gallon drums, and I keep thinking I might be able to build a compost tumbler of some sort.