I went to Lowes today, and looked at the Troy-Bilt TBGC Cultivator attachment. I asked one the Lowes employees and he said it was good. The had been working there for 4 years, and nobody had reported any problems. So I am seriously looking at buying one. There was one up for auction on eBay. I was supposed to be brand new with the box. I put in a bid of $57, but got outbid. Since the shipping was $20, that brought the total price up $77. And since I can go buy one at Lowes that is guarenteed new, and can easily return it if there are any problems. And the Lowes prices is $90 (plus tax), it is probably not worth the shrinking savings. I will keep an eye on eBay and craigslist. If it comes time for me to till my garden, and I still haven’t come up with a deal, I’ll just head to Lowes. Right now there is still snow on the ground.