I went to an auction today with hopes of buying a mini-tiller. They had a Ryobi 410r tiller (31cc). It is just a small one, but that’s all we need. I got into a bidding war with one guy, and I dropped out when it got up to $90. That was more than I wanted to pay for that model of mini-tiller. I can buy a brand new Ryobi for $199. If it were a Mantis I would have gone higher.
When I got hope, I started researching mini-tillers. I found that I could buy a tiller attachment for my Troy-Bilt string trimmer. I bought my Troy Bilt at Home Depot just last year. I went to the Home Depot website, and they don’t carry the Troy Bilt TBGC Cultivator attachment. I went down to the store, and I didn’t see any Troy Bilt trimmers at all. But they did have a tiller attachment made by Expand-It. Who? Never heard of them. They have the Expand-It tiller attachment priced at $90. I have found the Troy-Bilt attachement online for $90. But then I would pay shipping. I just checked Lowes, and found they seem to carry the Troy Bilt Cultivator attachment, also for $90. Hmmm. Do I but the attachment made for my trimmer, or do I buy a brand I never heard of? That’s a no-brainer!
But will the Troy Bilt attachment be sturdy enough? I will only be tilling the garden. Nothing hard core. But would I be better off buying a dedicated tiller? A used one of course as a new one would be much more expensive. I will have to research the Troy-Bilt cultivator. I’ll check epinions.