With all my research into how to attach my ledger board to my cement block foundation, it keeps coming back to the threaded rod anchors. That being settled, the hard part is finding the things. Home Depot and Lowes don’t carry them. The carry Red Head anchors, but Red Head doesn’t make the threaded rod anchors. They do make the epoxy for them, but not the anchors themselves.
Hilti makes threaded rod anchors. They have the exact size I need. 1/2″ diameter, and 6 1/2″ long. Galvanized and everything. I filled out a form on their site for a quote, but never heard back. And I can’t find anyone else who sells them.
A guy at Home Depot referred me to their own rental shop, but they didn’t have them. He also mentioned Fastenal and Taylor Rental. I visited Fastenal lastnight after work. They don’t have the threaded rod anchors either. I did however find the Red Head epoxy. The epoxy comes in a dual tube thing that requires a special double tube caulk type gun. The also had a similar product to the Red Head epoxy that was cheaper. The Red Head expoxy required a $200 gun, while the other stuff required a $100 gun. Therer were some single tube epoxys which would save me money on a gun. But the tube contains half as mauch as the double cartridges.
I haven’t checked Taylor Rental yet. Maybe this weekend or this upcoming week.
I will continue looking around online and see if I can find somebody who sells them.