Roomba Discovery 4210
I saw the Roomba Discovery 4210 at Home Depot the other day. I had seen the earlier Roombas, but they seemed kind of fragile, and reviews of them didn’t seem very impressive. I loved the idea though. The new Roomba is the second generation and seems to built sturdier. The reviews I have read seem to be mostly positive. I think it was $279+tax at Home Depot, but it was listed as $249 at Amazon with free shipping. I may go down the the store and take a look to see if they are on sale or anything. One benefit of getting it from Home Depot is that if it really sucks (not in the good vacuum way), I can return it more easily. Also I would have it today instead of a week or two or three. Can’t hurt to look.

Upp…changed my mind. After looking at Amazon, I noticed they had an additional $25 savings using a discount code. So with the $25 discount, free shipping, and no state tax, it cost $225. If I had bought it at Home Depot, it would have cost $279+ tax for a total of about $300. So I am saving $75. For $75 I can wait. I have returned stuff to Amazon on rare occasions, so if the thing doesn’t work, I should be able to return it.