The programmable thermostat I ordered a couple weeks ago is coming today via UPS. So tonight I will hook it up, and make sure it works with our baseboard heaters. If it works, then I will order a half dozen more thermostats. I am excited to see how it works.
I ripped the trim off of one of our living room windows. There looked like there was a little bit of some type of foam around the window. I sprayed some Great Stuff in there, to more completely seal around the window. I replaced the trim with some pine boards for a more contemporary look. I will work on doing the reast of the windows around the house. There are a variety of trims, and I think the more consistant, more contemporary style will look nicer. The style of trim I am doing is like what I had seen in a book on timberframe houses, and will fit well in our post and beam house.
I ordered a video on air sealing a house. I probably know most of the things they will show in the video, but it may have one or two things that I haven’t learned, or show a way to do it better than what I know.