The other day, the ants showed up in droves! One day there weren’t any. The next I saw dozens. Ahh! Life in in the woods! :)
I put out a couple ant bait stations that I got from a professional exterminatore at work. I left these stations out for a couple days, but saw no activity around then at all.
Then I decided to put out a couple of the Terro Liquid Ant Bait stations. I had them in my garage and I knew they worked. I put one in one corner of the kitchen and one in the other corner. Less than a day later, they were storming over the one station, but hadn’t found the other. I ended up moving the 2nd station next to the first.
Now I just let the ants come and eat up, and let them take the bait back to the nest. I think the logic is that they feed it to the other ants, and the whole nest dies.
In the past when I have used these, the ants are all over the stations for a couple days, then slowly the number of ants declines. They start moving slower and slower, until there are no more ants.
Here is a picture of the ants feeding at the two liquid ant bait stations.
Liquid Ant Bait
This ant bait from Terro is the only ant bait that I have tried that actually seems to work.