I initially put foam insulation pads behind the outlet and switch plates of the outlets and switches on the outside walls. But after reading, I found out I am supposed to put them on all outlets and switches. So I bought some more, and have been doing that. I ran out of the foam pads last night so I am going to buy some more today.
I played around a little with the vent for my Jenn Air grill. The vent tubing is 5 ” diameter. I pulled off the insulation I had previous placed around the tubes. All the seams were sealed with duct tape. I shoved so insulation around the vent where it goes into the wall. I am still planning on pulling that vent off and redoing it. It may be easier than the bathroom fan.
If ound that where some wires came into the house, they were sealed with a putty stuff that was kind of dried and cracked and not sealing very well. So I pulled that stuff off, and either sprayed Great Stuff or silicone caulk in to the holes around the wires.
I was going to pull off the bathroom fan in our half bath, but haven’t done it yet. I may wait until Saturday when I am going to be home during the day, and there will be natural light. There is a little bit of a bees next inside the vent. Seeing as it is 20 degrees outside, I doubt it is active. But I will try to knock it off before I get up there face to face with it. Then after I get the fan off, I will check the insulation around the fan tube and make sure I caulk the fan to the wall, and caulk all around it to keep the cold air out. I am still kind of thinking of replacing it, but not sure what else I can put there. The vent goes straight through the wall. Maybe once I get it off, I will have a better idea of what is possible.
I am going to make an appointment to get a professional home energy audit. I think it only costs $100 and should easily be worth it by allowing me to make the most cost effective repairs.