I have been watering my lawn for about 15 minutes every morning, and it is really starting to look great. When I don’t water it, it begins to look like junk. It’s not like I live in Arizona or something. I live in Rochester NY which gets the same average rainfall as Seattle. Our soil just doesn’t seem to hold the moisture or something. I wondered if they made a timer that I could hook up to my faucet to automatically turn on the water, and run the sprinklers for 10-20 minutes every morning.
I decided to check out Home Depot. I found the sprinkler timers alongside the sprinklers. I had to buy a new sprinlker too as the one that I had sitting near the driveway was destroyed. It looked like it had been run over. My wife said she didn’t do it. It is possible that the mailman did it while delivering packages. Nonetheless, the sprinkler was destroyed, so I bought a new one that has a stake that sticks in the ground. Back to the sprinkler timer. They had a handfull or different models. They had several costing about $40. The had two faucet heads coming out that could be run indendently. But I didn’t need that. The least expensive one had one faucet coming out. It cost $25. Reading the directions, it didn’t sound to hard to program. I bought, and was intending to hook it up that night. But I found it didn’t have a battery. And it took a 9volt battery. 9volt battery? I didn’t think anyone used those anymore! So I still need to buy a 9votl battery, and I keep forgetting. I’ll get one and get that thing hooked up so it waters my lawn every morning! :)