When I started looking into buying some Andersen sliding glass doors, I first went to Home Depot. Andersen’s web site also listed some other distributers including 84 Lumber. Since 84 Lumber is right up the street from my work, I decided to try them for prices as well. I was also familar with 84 Lumber as my Aunt lived across the road from their original store in Eighty-Four, PA, and I remember them from when they were just a small lumber yard. I was kind of doubtful they would be able to beat Home Depot, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. I went in, told the guy I want to get prices on the Andersen Frenchwood Gliders with nickel plated hardware. (I wasn’t looking at the double French doors yet) He said he would have to look them up and get back to me in a couple days. About a week later he called and left me a voice mail. I returned his call, but he was on another line. I left a message to have him call me back. A couple weeks later he left me another voice mail asking if I was still interested in the doors. I am still interested in the doors, just not interested in buying them from 84 Lumber. I have had people tell me that they are more for contractors than end-consumers. I guess my buying four Andersen patio doors doesn’t carry much weight. I mean it’s only $5000-$8000.