I went to Lowes yesterday looking for Weed and Feed for my lawn. One of the employees stopped to help me. When I told him I had moss, he said I needed Scott Turf Builder with Moss Control. They had had a bunch, but sold it all. They were expecting more in. The Lowes is up by my work, and I wont be anywhere near there until Monday. So I stopped by the Home Depot today. I looked around and didn’t see any Scott Turf Builder with Moss Control. I wasn’t even sure if it came in a bag, or a bottle.
I asked one of the Home Depot employees, and he said Scott doesn’t make a Turf Builder with Moss Control. He pointed me to a product that was simply moss control. Hmmmm. Interesting. I was confused. The guy at Lowes seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and the guy and Home Depot seemed pretty confident.
I checked out Scott’s website when I got home. They DO make Turf Builder with Moss Control!!! The guy at Home Depot didn’t know what he was talking about!!!! I wonder if the do have it somewhere there, and the guy doesn’t know about it. Or maybe they don’t have it at all.