The Better Mousetrap by Intruder Inc


SUMMARY: Much better than traditional mouse traps! They cost more but are worth it!

Our house is in a rural area and is surrounded by woods. So in the fall we start seeing signs that mice are finding their way into our house. When we fist moved in, I tried traditional mouse traps. But more often than not, I would find a sprung but empty trap, or I would find the trap still set, but with the bait stolen. I find peanut butter works well as a bait, so imagine that the mouse was free to eat the peanut butter off of the trap trigger without even triggering the trap! I started searching for something that would work better. I didn’t want to use poisons in most areas as we have a dog and I was concerned she might get into it. I found some live traps, but I didn’t want to keep the mouse alive. What the heck would I do with it? Throw it outside so it could find it’s way back in. I didn’t want to particularly drive miles away to just let it go. I came across The Better Mousetrap. I bought a couple of The Better Mousetraps at the local hardware store and tried them out. I have only rarely found the trap sprung without something in it. I have never found the traps with the bait stolen. On a few occasions I have found that the trap has caught the mouse only by the leg, and the mouse is still alive. In these cases I simply dropped the trap and mouse into a bucket of water, and the plastic trap acted like cement shoes. The traps cost a little more than traditional traps but since they actually catch mice where the traditional traps don’t, they are worth it. If you have mice in your house, these will catch em!
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