SUMMARY: They were friendly and honest, did a great job, and charged a fair price. I was very happy with their service!

The guys came out and looked at my chimneys. They looked at the first one which is set up as a fireplace, and said it really didn’t need to be cleaned. The other chimney had a wood stove. With some work, they managed to pull out the old Gibraltar wood stove. Man that thing is heavy! They actually had to dismantle part of the stove’s surround to get it off, so they could get back in there. They scrubbed and inspected, and the one guy actually was sitting in the fireplace scrubbing inside the chimney with a hand brush. The guy actually seemed happy doing such a dirty job. My hats to him. I had them leave the old wood stove out as I am getting it replaced in a week and half, and am not going to be using the old stove at all. They charged me about half the fee that they charge for moving a wood stove because they did not need to push it back into place. It was really great dealing with this company, and I plan on calling them next time I need my chimney cleaned!