Dremel Chain Saw Sharpening Attachment Kit #1453


SUMMARY: Does a great job fast and easily once you figure it out. But directions are confusing.

Having just ordered a new wood stove with plans of heating my house, I was out on my tree covered property cutting up dead or fallen trees. I have had the chain saw for a year or two and have never sharpened it. But as I was using yesterday, it was cutting kind of slowly, and seeming to burn the wood some instead of cutting it. I had bought the attachment for my Dremel tool a while back, but have never used it. I had never even opened it. So last night I decided to give it a try. I have never sharpened a chain saw before so I had no clue what I doing. The instructions that came with the attachment were a single double sided page. The instructions were difficult to follow. It would have benefitted to have more pictures, and maybe more and simpler instructions for those of us who have never sharpened a chain saw before (I put my own instructions online with pictures here). The kit includes three different size sharpening stones, two spacers, a gauge, and a tool. All of this can be confusing.
I went through the instructions, put the attachment together and proceded to sharpen my chain saw. I took it out and try to cut some wood, but it didn’t seem to cut any faster. I bought the saw in and went though the instructions again, and found I missed some instructions. I had been sharpening the wrong part of the teeth. I found I needed to adjust the attachment sharpen the inside part of the teeth. I wasn’t sure which stone to use. I did a google search, and thought I needed the pink 3/8ths inch stone, but it wouldn’t fit on the inside of the teeth. On the other hand, the orange .325 stone fit perfectly, so I figured that was the one I need. I put the attachment together. I adjusted the attachment using the little gauge that came with the kit. I set about sharpening the saw teeth again. It took only a minute to sharpen all the teeth. This morning I took my chain saw out, and I was cutting through 18 inch logs in seconds. Awesome!
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