Dewalt DW703 Heavy Duty 10 inch Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DW703 Heavy Duty 10″ Compound Miter Saw


SUMMARY: Kicks butt over a miter box!

I have been using a miter box, but lets face it, a miter box sucks! I needed to cut dowels with nearly perfectly flat ends. The miter box wasn’t working worth a snot. The regular saw that came with it did a lousy job. I switched over, and started using a hacksaw which gave me cleaner cuts, but still not straight. I was looking at the Delta unit which was half the cost, but after reading reviews, I decided to spend a little more…okay twice as much, and get a better tool. I love this thing! Lots of power, and nice clean cuts. If I lower the saw slowly, I get reasonbly clean cuts with the stock blade. Love it, and I am sure I am going to get a ton of use out it! GOTTA LOVE DEWALT TOOLS!
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