We currently have four recessed can lights in our kitchen. Each is loaded with a 65 watt incandescent flood bulb. These lights are on a lot, so I would like to replace them with energy efficient fluorescent alternative. Two of the lights are eyeball type lights that focus on our island. We are looking are replacing the island at some point. As long as the island gets light, I don’t really care if light is focused on it or not. Part of me is thinking rip the wood ceiling down, and replace it with dry wall, and then I can move the lights where I want. I would rather have the lights directly over the island instead of off to either side, and aimed at an angle. Many of the lights seem to run $50-$100, which brings up the question of payback. If I pay $50+ for a light and am going from 65 watts to 13 watts or 26 watts, or something in between, how long before I save money. Of course the 65 watt bulbs burn out relatively often, and are not cheap. So I could be saving money from that standpoint as well.
So anyway, I am researching. The CFL style recessed cans are not as cheap as the incadescent type recessed can downlights.