Monday night I came home after a rough day. I pulled into the driveway, hit the button for my garage door. Nothing happened. That happens sometimes. So I pulled closer to the door, and hit the button on the remote again. Still nothing. Pulled the remote off my visor, and hit the button. Nothing. Again. Nothing. I thought maybe there was a power outage, but I could see the little light on the motion control light sensor blinking. The light hadn’t come on, but it was still kind of light out. I didn’t see any lights on in the upstairs. I knew my wife was home. I actually got out of the car, walked over by the door, and repeatedly hit the button. Nothing! Grumble! I was forced to walk around to the front door. I hadn’t cleared the snow on the path to the front door as we always enter through the garage. So I trudged through the little over a foot of snow, up the snow cover icy stairs, across the snow and ice covered deck. I fumbled with my keys in the freezing cold, and was trying to get the door open, when my wife came over and opened it.
I was not in a good mood.
I went out to the garage, hit the button on the wall, and the door opened. I brought the car inside, and shut the door. I tried the remote, but nothing happened. I bought a chair in the garage to stand on. I opened the plastic light cover to access the remote programming button. I pressed the button, and the little red light started flashing. I hit the remote button repeatedly, but the little red light kept flashing. I should have only had to hit it a couple times. I slapped the remote against my hand smartly. The programming light had stopped flashing. I pressed it again, and it started flashing. I pressed the remote opener button few times, and the garage door started opening. I pressed it again, and the door closed. I closed the light cover on the garage door opener, and latched it. I am not sure why the remote stopped working. Maybe the battery was low, or had poor contact?
The garage door openers are made by Genie, and are for the most part pretty good. I installed them myself after ripping out the old poorly installed garage door openers that were there when we bought the house (and had no remotes for).