I wanted to caulk around the box with the switches for our downstairs bathroom. The box was poorly installed and moved alot when you toggled the switches. I wanted to replace it with a more solidly mounted box. I shut off the breaker, marked the wires, pulled the switches, and with a bit of destruction managed to get the box out. I had a new box that would clamp on to the drywall. I went to install it, and the hole in the drywall was just a little too big. Grumble! After alot of consideration, I decided to cut out a chunk of drywall and replace it with another piece, but leaving the space around the new box tighter. I had to pull off the trim from the bathroom door as the drywall went under it. I cut a new piece of drywall to fit, screw it into place, taped and mudded it. Now I am waiting for the mud to dry so I can sand it, and put on a second coat if necessary. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the box installed. I am not going to paint it at this point, but wait until we repaint everything later. I can feel cold our pouring our from behind the box, so this will help seal out house some.