I have been wanting to replace a couple of the burner elements on our stove top (model # 911.9382192). They are both 8 inch burners. The one is bent just a little bit. The other’s contacts where it plugs in, don’t alway get a goof conection. So you have to wiggle the pot around sometimes for it to work. The stove is a Kenmore. So I went down to Sears last night to see about getting replacements. I was also interested in getting new reflector bowls. I talked to a salesman and was told they didn’t have the parts. What? I could see them not having the burners, but not having the bowls? I can buy generic bowls at the grocery store, and Sears doesn’t even carry them, and they sell the whole stoves? I asked where the parts department was so I could order them. He said they didn’t have a parts department. I asked if I could order the burners at customer service, and he said no. I thanked him for wasting my time.
When I got home. I went to the Sears website, and found the part ridiculously high priced. For the 4 burners, and reflector bowls, it would be over $250. Crap! For that, I would buy a whole new stove! I did get the model numbers: 8″ SURFACE ELEMENT:WB30X0255, 6″ SURFACE ELEMENT:WB30X0256, 8″ BURNER BOWL:WB31K5041, 6″ BURNER BOWL:WB31K5040.
Doing a google search I found some alternate model #s: For the 8 inch bunrer, and I can also use MP26YA, 660533, or WB30X255. For the 6 inch burner I can also use WB30X256.
But all is not lost! I really only need the two 8 inch burners, and maybe replace the 8 inch bowls too. I looked around online, and found I can get the parts cheaper. The cheapest place I found was on eBay. I found an expired auction where the guy was selling five of the 8 inch burners for $15 plus shipping. Heck, I could keep two, and sell the other three. But that auction was expired. There are a couple still listed, the cheapest for $25. I will just keep watching. The stove burners we have now, work, so will wait for a good deal.