In our half bathroom, there is a bathroom fan that was there when we bought the house. I originally thought it was a fan that had been modified to go directly through the bathroom wall to the outside. I have become aware that this is how it is intended to be. I was at a local electrical supply place, and found a Nutone 8870 that looks like what I have, except it has a better looking grill (still nto great looking). I don’t know if the grill on the fan we have is the original grill, but it is ugly, and doesn’t fit flush against the wall. We get cold air coming through the fan, or possibly around it. I am planning on pulling the fan out, and reinstalling it with caulk and better insulation. I am considering buying a new fan that will look better. If what I have is a 8870, it flows 80 CFM. I could put something small in there CFM-wise as the bathroom is tiny, but I already have a hole in the wall. So I could replace the fan with something larger and will have to cut the holes bigger, or replace it with another 8870. Maybe I can get a replacement grill from Nutone? I was able to download installation instructions from Nutone’s website. It I can re-install and reduce the cold draft, and replace the grill, I will be happy. I have some part numbers for the newer grill, but when I searched for the part # on Nutone’s website, it wasn’t found.
Another model that looks interesting is the Panasonic FV-08WQ1 which blows 70 CFM, and has an 8 inch diameter duct. It is WAY quieter at only 1.1 sones compared to the Nutone 8870 which specs out at 6 sones. The Panasonic also costs twice as much, but says it has a foam seal on the damper.