I stopped at Home Depot this afternoon. I picked up one more tube of window glaze, and also a few vegetables to plant in the garden.
I also tried to find someone to answer some questions about my collasped deck. But I couldn’t find anyone who seemed to be free to talk to me. A few were helping other people, but some were just walking around quickly talking to each other. I didn’t even see any Home Depot employees in the areas that sold what I thought I might need.
I did however find a book called Decks 1,2,3! I found a couple pages in there on how to attach the ledger board to the foundation. It described using a hammer drill to drill a pilot hole through the wood. Then switching to a masonry bit, and drilling into the mortar between the blocks. Epoxy glue is injected into the hole, and threaded studs are inserted. They are left to sit for 24 hours so the epoxy hardens. The washers and nuts are tighten on the studs to afix the ledger board to the foundation.
I don’t have a hammer drill, but I might be able to borrow one. The book didn’t say what size of threaded studs to use, or what kind of epoxy. And I couldn’t find anyone to tell me, so I will have to do some online research. Maybe I will buy the stuff of Lowes just because Home Depot didn’t help me at all!