My deck collapsed a month or two ago. Just a foot or so in the middle next to the house. I pulled some of the planks closest to the house to diagnose the problem. Apparently the ledger board had not been adequately attached, and became detached from the foundation.
I don’t want to rip apart the entire deck. So I have been trying to figure out the best way to raise the deck up so I can reattach it to the foundation.
I bought a couple small bottle jacks, but then realized there wasn’t enough room under the deck to fit them.
Then I came up with the idea of lifting the deck. I looped a rope around one of the beams, and using a couple 2x4s as a lever and fulcrum, I could lift the deck up a little at time, and shove spacers under the ledger board to hold it up. I used small pieces of 3/4 inch pine, and 2x4s as spacers.
But then I came up with a better idea! I bought a 2 ton hand winch (come along). I took a piece of 2×4 and mounted a big eye-bolt at one end. I attached the winch to the eye bolt. Then I would set the other end of the 2×4 on the ground next to one of the deck beams. I looped a piece of rope under the beam. It had a loop at both ends which I attached to the hook on the winch. I would then use the winch to lift the deck. This worked great! I have lifted the deck most of the way back up. I need to get a level, and lift it up a little more in different spots. I will probably need to make some shims to get it nice and level.
I will probably need to pull of some more planks so that I have room to use a hammer drill. And I have to get a hammer drill. I know a guy who has one. I might be able to borrow his, or I might go buy one at Harbor Frieght, or maybe go rent one.