We have a bird feeder, and we get a variety of birds…and squirrels. The bird feeder is squirrel resistent. I have yet to see a feeder that is truly squirrel proof. They are ingenious little buggers. Anyway, my wife thought it would be nice to stick up some suet feeders. We have put one up before, and it sort of melted untouched. We decided to hang these under our deck in the shade. Great! They didn’t melt, and we got some birds down on them. The woodpeckers really liked the one kind of suet we bought.
My noticed the the squirrels were starting to go after it. So it moved the suet feeders a little farther away from the posts that the squirrels were hanging on.
Then the other day my wife calls me at work to tell me one of the suet feeders was gone. She looked around for it, but it was just gone. It was too heavy for the birds to have knocked down. We thought a squirrel might have knocked it down, but we thought it might be awkward for the squirrel to drag it off. We figured that they would just eat it where it fell. So we thought maybe a raccoon might have stolen it.
Well last night we were woken up three times by the dog barking at something in the back yard. The first time, we told her to quiet down. The second time, I got a flashlight and was shining it out the windows. I didn’t see anything though. The third time my wife flipped on the 500 watt flood light and spotted the thief! A raccoon coming to steal the second. She ended up taking the suet feeder down, and bringing inside so we could get some sleep. Not sure what we will do. If we put it back up, the raccoon will likely come back.