Yesterday my wife called to tell me that the Giant Sequoia seedlings I ordered last year from the Arbor Foundation came in the mail. Cool! It has been 10 or 11 months since I ordered them. I apparently ordered them too late for the spring season shipping. I was told they would be delivered in the fall, but then fall came and I was told they wouldn’t ship them in the fall, and would ship them in the spring.
Anyway, I got home changed, grabbed my Troy Bilt trimmer out of the the garage and set about removing the line trimmer, and attaching the brush cutting blade. I actually had to pull out the manual to remind me how to do this. I went out, it started easily, but would stall everytime I reved it up. I decided maybe it was low on gas. Or the gas old a little old in it. My small one gallon can of pre-mixed gas was empty. So I poured in a small bottle of 2-cycle oil, and filled the can up with gas. I shook the can to mix it, and then filled the Troy Bilt. It still stalled when I pulled the trigger. But after I let it run for a little bit, and start lightly on the trigger, I got it to keep running.
I cut down a bunch of sticker bushes, small trees, and vines. I was planning where to plant the three giant sequioas. Then I got my wife out of the house to figure out where to plant them. We came up with a few spots.
We opened the box. I thought I had ordered 3 Giant Sequoia trees, and they were throwing in a couple free American Red Bud trees with my order. When we opened the box, the invoice only showed 2 Giant Sequoias and the 2 American Red Bud. Maybe I was thinking 3 because I had already planted a single Giant Sequoia last year.
So now we only had to come up with two spots for the giant sequioas, and two spots for the american red buds.
We figured out the spots for the trees. I dug the first hole, and found a couple large roots. They were a couple inches in diamater. No problem! The maples or oaks or whatever these roots belong to, probably wont miss them. I cut em with my chainsaw.
I started to dig the second hole. The soil seemed different then elsewehere. I am not sure exactly where our sepctic tank is, but I decided it might be in this spot. So I covered on this hole. I went to a spot not too far away, and start digging. Nice black rich soil here. I dug the hole, and went elsewhere for a bit. When I cam back, there was water in the bottom of the hole. Hmm…probably from all the recently melted snow. Well, the tree will get lots of nice soil, and water here!
I used a post hole digger to dig the holes for the red buds.
I had my wife come out again, and hold the trees in place while I filled the holes with dirt. She watered them a little bit (except for the one where the hole was filling with water..we thought that one would do okay). I don’t thing she watered them near enough, so I came out this morning and watered them much more heavily. I know she is planning to water them again a couple times today also.