Our Pacific Energy Summit insert wood stove
Our Pacific Energy Summit wood stove insert was installed today. The oversized surround was out of stock, so they installed a standard surround, and will be back to swap it out when the oversized surround comes in next week. Also the gold plated door was out of stock, so they installed a plain black door until the gold plated door comes in. Another thing is that the stove doesn’t come forward enough to be flush with the face of the fireplace. So the installer is going to have to custom make an extension for the surround. Hopefully they will be back next weekend to complete the work. Meanwhile they installed it complete enough that we can use the stove until then.
It took a bit to get it lighted. I crumpled up newspaper, and laid some slivers of wood hacked off with a hatchet, and laid some slightly larger peices on top of these. I lit them, and was get some smoke coming out the door. I closed the door, and the flames smothered. I wasn’t sure about which way to slide the air control handle for high. I called the seller, and he told me that left is high, right is low. I noticed later that there is an L and an H on the piece of metal below the door. After a couple attempts I didn’t get the wood to catch fire. I went out to the garage, and got a small piece of 2×4. I hacked it into pieces, and laid it on top of crumpled newspaper. Then I laid the other small pieces of kindling on top of these. I lit the paper on fire, and I got the fire to go. I added a few larger pieces of wood to the stove after a bit. It took quite a while (about half an hour) for the automatic blower to turn on. There will be a learning curve to figure out where the air control setting should be set.