We used 3 full cords of firewood last year in our wood burning stove. The stove was new to us, so we had a learning curve on the best way to use it. For the first month, we had the stove burning almost continuously. We saved over $100 on our electric bill, but burned almost $200 worth wood doing it. After that, we began only loading the stove up in the morning to warm the house up, and when we got home from work. We stopped loading it up before going to bed, and before leaving for work. I have also since installed programmable thermostats for the electric baseboard heaters. So this has also helped reduced our electric bills. Burning the wood more conservatively this year, I think we will burn less than the 3 full cords. But then, we will likely begin burning wood earlier this year as we didn’t get the wood stove until after Thanksgiving.