The home performance contractor came by this morning. First he walked around the inside of our house, and looked in all the rooms, nooks and crannys. He pointed out a few things that should be fixed such as a small drain pipe that comes out of an outside wall that is open and tilts slightly upward (it goes to the garage floor drain). He recommended attaching a small elbow piece pointing downward to keep water out. He also suggested caulking a bunch of seams in the garage that would let air into the walls, and into the house (along with some carbon monoxide from the cars). Next he came back and took pictures of some different areas with a small digital camera. I noticed he mostly took pictures in some spots where the insulation was exposed. Next he hooked up the blower door on the door from our garage to our utility room.
Blower Door Test
We walked around, and he held a small smoke wand around seams, and showed me where outside air was leaking into the house. I knew some of the places and was surprised by many others. I was surprised that our fireplace leaked almost no air. So I bought the DraftStopper fireplace plug, and probably didn’t really need it. Here he shows air leaking where drywall meets one of the beams.
Smoke Test
He pointed out some windows that had leaky seals. As I thought, our house was leaking air like a sieve. He packed up his stuff. He then went outside to measure the house. Then he was done.

I should hear from the energy consultant in the next couple weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the Comprehensive Home Assessment Report with all the recommendations, costs, and paybacks periods.