I got a free cordless phone (Uniden EXL8945), but I was told the battery would probably need to be replaced. I have previously found cheap replacement batteries on eBay. So that was the first place I went to look. Sure enough I found a lot of batteries. Some cheaper than others. I first filtered out all the batteries from Hong Kong. I don’t buy anything on eBay from Hong Kong with the exception of an occasional Jackie Chan movie that I can’t get in the USA. But among all of the replacement batteries, I found a few NiMH batteries. The auction descrptions said that these will work as replacements for the old technology NiCad batteries. They even listed my EXL8945 phone. Cool! NiMH have more storage capacity, and they don’t have the memory problems that the older NiCad batteries have. I didn’t think that NiMH batteries were compatible with the NiCad charger. But the auction description said they will work. So I will give them a shot. The NiMH weren’t any more expensive than the NiCad batteries. So I ordered a couple of them. I will try one of them in the EXL8945. If it works well, I may replace the NiCad in the other cordless phone I have, the EXL8900.