A while back I screwed up and replaced the drip bowls on our Kenmore stove with new drip bowls. They were generic drip bowls that I bought at the grocery store. I threw the old drity ones away. The new drip bowls didn’t fit right. The mis fit was subtle. The bowls didn’t sit totally flat until you put a little weight on them. Then the three fins didn’t seat into the bowl rim perfectly. The area in the bowl where they would sit was slightly larger than the original bowls. They seemed to work okay, but after time, the subtle misfit became more and more annoying. The large burners sometimes wouldn’t work unless you wiggled them around.
So I have been looking for new drip bowls. I saw an auction on eBay for a set of 4 new drip bowls made for Kenmore/GE stoves. I bought the set. They cost about $25 with shipping. The new drip bowls came yesterday. I installed them, and they fit perfectly! I wish I had just returned those crappy grocery store drip bowls when I saw they fit differently.