Pretty much ever since we have moved into our house, our big windows have leaked during heavy blowing rain. The leaking is both around the window frame, and between the frame and the glass. Last year I used this rope caulk stuff around the edges of the glass, but it is already peeling off. I need to maybe use a caulk gun, and go around the edge of the glass edges with a silicone type caulk? I don’t know.
When we had the energy guys insulating the attic, I asked about getting an estimate for caulking the windows. He said he would have to talk to his boss. But I never heard back. So I guess I will have to do it myself. Or maybe call some other contractors or something. I am always so leery about contractors, worried we will get ripped off. I don’t know how to choose a good contractor.
It’s been raining today, and is supposed to rain this upcoming weekend. Maybe the following weekend I will take a ladder out there, and get started sealing the windows.