My bucket mouse trap works! I built it Monday night, loaded it with raw bacon, placed it in an area with mouse activity, but there was nothing in the trap Tuesday morning. I kept checking the trap, but there was never anything in the bucket. Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, I smeared peanut butter on the can. The whole utility room smelled like peanut butter. And I have had good luck with peanut better in regular mouse traps. But I didn’t catch anything. I started thinking the bucket trap was a bust, and I would have to set some regular traps, or buy some poison. But this morning I check the bucket, and found two drowned mice! The bucket trap works! And I have read that the more mice that your catch, they leave a trail up the board taht other mice will follow, and the trap becomes more and more effective!
I am going to draw up plans for the trap tonight and post them. I will also takes some pictures of my bucket mouse trap.