I have had my MTD Yardman snowblower (snowthrower) for a few years now. I grew up in the Seattle area, and generally we didn’t get enough snow to merit a snow shovel, much less a snow blower. When I moved back to Rochester, NY, I had heard of snowblowers, but I didn’t know what one looked like. I thought maybe it was like a leaf blower, except maybe stronger. I couldn’t figure out how it would work. And even when we moved to Rochester, we lived in an appartment, and never needed to clear snow.
But then 5 years ago we bought our house. We have a circular drive probably close to 100 feet long total. The first year, the snow was light. I got out there and shovelled. I remember thinking, this is great exercise. We didn’t need a snowblower! Just get out there for about an hour, and get the driveway cleared, no problem. My wife would help a little, but she we end up complaining about being sore. Me, I am in good shape. I am tough! I was having fun!
The next year, we got our first good snow. We were out there for over an hour, and only got enough of the driveway cleared to get our cars out. My back was aching! At this point, shovelling snow wasn’t fun anymore.
I started watching store ads, classifieds, and eBay for snowblowers. Our driveway is on a hill, so it had to be self propelled. The I finally got a great deal on a used MTD Yardman Snowblower off of eBay. It only cost me $315. The guy said it had only been used about 8 times. When I saw it, it didn’t look like it had been used at all. Apparently the guy had back problems, and got a plow for his truck or something like that. So I got a practically new snowblower for $315. A friend of mine with a truck and trailer, helped me get it home. It’s self-propelled, two-stage, and is 22 inches wide. It has a 5hp Tecumseh engine.
My Yardman snowblower always stars on the first pull. I just move the lever to the top, crank the choke all the way clockwise, pump the primer bulb 3 quick times, and pull the cord. It starts immediately. Then I turn the choke two clicks counter-clockwise, and start throwing snow.
I love this thing. It really chews through the snow! I can usually clear the whole driveway in 15 minutes or less. Maybe 20 minutes if the snow is pretty heavy. I consider the purchase of my MTD Yardman snowblower to have been a very good one, and I am thankful everytime I am out using it!