I was under the impression that he would be the one doing the audit. But from what he said he will meet with us to arrange the audit, someone else will come do the audit, and then he will come back to go over the results when the report is ready.
We filled out a form to be qualified for the Energy Star loan, though I doubt we will need to use the loan. But we’ll see. Also we filled out the request for the audit. He needed copies of our paystubs. I wish he hold told me sooner. I had shredded a couple of them less than an hour before. So when I get my next one, I will need to fax it to him.
I mentioned that some big air leaks were through the sliding glass doors, and that we were considering getting Andersen’s. He said that the Energy Star program recommended Alside or Schüco (also appears as Schuco or Schueco). He said that the glass in Andersen windows have an R value of about 2.2, but Energy Star recommends an R value of 10. He talked about New York state having some definition of vinyl needed only to have 30% vinyl to be called vinyl. So that many “vinyl” doors are only 30% vinyl and 70% made of something else mixed in. He said that Alside and Schuco use 100% virgin vinyl. On the good side, he said that Alside and Schuco are less expensive than Andersen. I found that Alside has a local distributor, but I couldn’t find one for Schuco with a search last night. I visited their websites, and it doesn’t look like either have french doors. Alside looks like that have doors with wood trim on the inside, but Schuco looks like their doors vinyl in and out. I am going to try and visit the Alside place today to get more info.