I wanted to set up my sprinklers on some sort of timer so they would automatically turn on for a little while every day. I went to Home Depot, and they had some fancy looking timers for $40. But there was a more simple looking timer for $25. That was the Melnow Electronic Aqua Timer (3015). It was good for 3 cycles a day, but one cycle would be fine. I read the box, and it looked like programming it would be similar to programming a VCR. Pretty easy for me, but other people might have some difficult. You just turn a little dial, and press a single button. When I got it home, I found it needed a 9 volt battery. I looked through the house, but was able to find one. I kept fogetting to buy a battery, but I finally remembered tonight. I had to remove three phillips head screws to remove the metal back so I could insert the battery. The battery just slides. It didn’t look real secure, but when I put the back on, it didn’t seem to be moving around at all.
I followed the programming instructions to set the current time, the time for the sprinler to turn on, the duration and the frequency. I thought I set it to have the current time approximately 7pm, to have it turn on a 6am, and have it turn on once a day for about 20 minutes. I figured I would see if it worked when I got tomorrow morning. Interestingly, the sprinlkers turned on about 7:30 pm. Hmmm. Maybe I did something wrong. I waited to see if it shut off, but after 30 minutes, I decided something wasn’t right. So I went down, and turned the dial to “off” and it shut off. I set about programming it again. We’ll see what it does.
Okay, the thing turned on around 6am, ran for about 20 minutes, and shut off. Just like I programmed it to do. What I think the problem was, was that after I programmed it the first time, I turned the dial to “ON”. It didn’t turn on right away though maybe because I didn’t have it hooked up to the faucet yet. But did turn on a little while after I hooked it up tot he faucet, and I think was going to stay on. When I programmed it the second time, I left the dial in the final position. This seemed to work.