When we moved into our house, there was a wood stove insert in the downstair fireplace. But it was missing the power cord for the blower. So now that we are finally getting around to getting it going, I am trying to hunt down a power cord for it. It’s got a weird connector.
Gibraltar wood stove power connector for blower
If I can’t find one, I will either replace the little connector on the blower side, or just hardwire a power cord to the blower. I checked Home Depot, but they weren’t very helpful. The guy at the customer service desk sent me back to electrical, and after waiting for about 15 minutes for the HD electrical guy to finish helping a single customer (he was still with the customer when I left), I finally gave up and left. They need other people or something. I will check Radio Shack, and maybe some wood stove stores tommorrow. I also might check an appliance store.