The snow is gone, and it’s time to start looking at the lawn. We live in the woods, and only have a small lawn. Now that the snow has cleared, then lawn has started to green up. The problem is that about half the green in the lawn is from moss.
I had heard a commercial on the radio advertising Vigaro Weed & Feed at Home Depot. I thought, I should get some of that to get the grass growing, and maybe kill off the moss. Home Depot was out of the way, so I stopped into Lowes. I grabbed some paint thinner that I also needed, and headed over to the garden area.
I found grass seeds, and was looking for the weed and feed. I didn’t see it. I asked one of the employees. And he asked about whether I was looking for liquid, or the other stuff. I told him I wanted to get rid of the moss in my lawn. He told me that I didn’t need Weed & Feed. He said I needed Scott’s Turf Builder with Moss Control. Cool! Unfortunatly they didn’t have any in stock. They had gone through pallets of the stuff, but were expecting more in soon. He told me to call to find if they had gotten more in. But the Lowes is up by my work, and I wont be up there till Monday. I have a Home Depot close to my home. So I may head down there later.
They are going to building a Lowes not to far from my house. It will be nice to have a choice.