Well, I did my yearly chore of lawn care. I have lots of moss on one section, lots of clover on the other section and sparse grass. That comes with a lawn surrounded by trees. I thought about buying Scott Turf Builder with Moss Control. But that wouldn’t deal with the weeds. Besides, Home Depot doesn’t seem to carry it, and I won’t be near a Lowes until tomorrow. So I decided to buy a bag of Vigoro Weed & Feed, and a bag of Moss Control stuff. I brought it home. I dumped the bag of moss control in a drop spreader (It’s the roller kind with a bar that turns). I spread that out over the lawn. The bag is good for up to 5000 square feet, and our lawn is a little over 3000. But I spread the entire bag out. Then I loaded up the weed and feed into the spreader. I started spreading that out. I spread most of it, and was concerned I might have missed some areas. It looks goofy when you have green grass everywhere, except a few spots. So I dumped the remaining weed and feed out of the roller spreader into a hand held broadcast spreader. Then I walked back and forth on the lawn cranking the little handle and spreading the weed and feed. I should set up the sprinklers, and wet down the lawn so the stuff soaks in.